Jeep and Trailer driving lessons in Galway City

If you ever intend on towing a trailer in Ireland with a car or a Jeep then why not consider taking lessons with us here at driving lessons in Galway City. Our instructor has many years in teaching drivers the skill of towing trailers and caravans – even horse boxes.

The standard driving license in Ireland will cover the driver to tow a light trailer with a maximum combined weight of 3500kg or a small trailer up to 750kg. Most towing drivers will be using a jeep to tow which exceeds the set combined weight meaning you will need a category BE license. The standard category B license will generally not allow the driver to tow a horse box or livestock trailer due to total combined weight which is why we strongly recommend taking jeep and trailer towing lessons in preparation for your towing test in Galway.

Our trailer lessons in Galway and surrounding areas aim to teach the driver the legal requirements for towing on Irish roads, loading of the vehicle and trailer, various manoeuvring techniques, and safety checks and compliance. Once your jeep and trailer lessons in Galway are complete you will be fully competent to tow your trailer and pass your towing test.

In recent months and years the Gardaí are becoming more active in pursuing individuals who are not in compliance with the Road Traffic Licensing of Trailers and Semi Trailers Regulation Act of 1982. Failure to comply with the law results in a fine between €1,000 to €3000 and/or imprisonment.

Our driving instructor is fully accredited by the RSA meaning you can choose us in total confidence and be reassured you are in good hands. Once you have passed your theory test and receive your category BE license then call us to make arrangements for your first lesson. Our instructor is very flexible and can accommodate jeep and trailer lessons in Galway City or surrounding areas.